Most bikepacking bags are egregiously expensive. I scoured the internet to find you the best value bags, so you can build the ultimate adventure setup.

Top picks

Urban Desert

I looked across 40+ bikepacking bag brands and haven't found a better value than Urban Desert.

The complete Urban Desert bikepacking bag set

I've used their handlebar bag on the White Rim, Tahoe Rim, and other smaller rides. It's spacious, easy to pack, water resistant, and looks great.

They sell a 6 piece set (pictured above) for just $230. You'd get two bags for that price from the bigger bag companies.

These bags are handmade in the USA by a veteran and come with a 3 year warranty. Orders are usually shipped free in the US within 2-4 weeks. They do ship internationally, but contact them first.

If you can't wait and need bags ASAP, keep reading.

REI Co-op

REI has a collection of REI-brand bikepacking bags that are a good value.

  • REI seat pack – $80. Smaller than the Urban Desert seatpack, but overall works well. I love the elastic on top for stashing my windbreaker.
  • REI handlebar bag – $80. Useful bag with great organization and easy access, but only for drop bar bikes. If you have flat bars, you can fit a much bigger bag.
  • REI top tube bag – $30. One of my favorites—have purchased one for every bike I own, and leave it on for every bike ride.
  • REI frame bag – $100. I don't think this is a good value, and don't recommend it, unless you find it on sale.
  • REI stem bag – Consider the cheaper chalk bags below.


These are the best value bikepacking bags available on Amazon.

  • Moosetreks frame bag – $50. For road, gravel, and hardtail bikes. A great value frame bag that I use on my gravel bike.
  • Moosetreks MTB frame bag – $45. For mountain bikes. I use the small one on my full-suspension bike—it's still big enough for a 2L water bladder + snacks. It's actually so useful that I leave it on my mountain bike all the time.


  • "Stem bags" you see sold for $30-50 are basically the same as $12 chalk bags people use for climbing. Here's the "chalk bag" I use.
  • You'll want a couple voile straps for attaching and reinforcing bags, which you can get from REI, Amazon, or other retailers.

I also just wrote a post on the best tent for bikepacking.

Questions? Drop them below.

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