Maybe there's a friend you know always posting pics from their bike adventures. Maybe you recently got a bike and thought "this is more fun than walking." Maybe you saw a TikTok, or a Lael Wilcox post on Instagram.

So you wanna try bikepacking. Congrats! It's quite possibly the best form of adventure on planet earth, not to mention being one of the cheapest and most sustainable forms of travel.

"But where do I even start? Do I have the right bike? The right gear? How come everything seems so expensive?"

All valid questions! Unfortunately, most of the bikepacking content on the internet features men with expensive bikes reviewing expensive gear.

Which is great—not here to rain on anyone's parade. But I hope this site is different: we'll provide more unconventional and affordable answers to those questions.

And, our incentives will be aligned with yours: this is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping more people experience the joys of bikepacking, no matter your income, gender, or background.

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Bikepacking Lab is an independent site launched in 2022 by Logan Chadde. We use any proceeds to support the nonprofit Bikepacking Roots.